Wiggle Hill Farm Rams

Glen's Nimrod

Nimrod came to us from Ohio last fall, and has sired some nice 2018 lambs.

Morgan Farms Benjamin

Benjamin is an up-and-coming ram we hope will sire some lambs next year.

Reference Sires:

Wiggle Hill Kaine

Kaine has the most amazing blue eyes. He is a fully fused 4 horn. He sired some nice 2018 lambs.

He is owned by our sister farm Trinity C Acres.

Wiggle Hill Isaac

Isaac sired lambs in 2016 and 2017

Moose Mountain Elijah

Elijah sired lambs 2015-2018, 2 horn lilac

Wiggle Hill Jonah
Jonah sired lambs 2017 and 2018

Painted Rock Moses

Moses is one of our all time favorites. 4 horn lilac. He sired lambs for us 2013-2016. 

Avillion-FCS Malachai
Malachai sired some of our 2017 lambs. He is the sire of Wiggle Hill Kaine.

Wiggle Hill Gabriel
Gabriel is the sire of some of our 2017 lambs. His sire is Perfect Spot Jasper, below.
Kreutzer Farms Boyd

Boyd sired 2016 lambs. He is the sire of Wiggle Hill Jonah.

Wiggle Hill Hennessey

Hennessey sired 2016 lambs for us when he was visiting from Mellowspring Farm. 

Son of Grayling below

Sweetgrass Grayling

Gorgeous 2 horn lilac, sired 2014 lambs.

Winter Galore

Sired lambs 2012-2014.

Wiggle Hill Duncan

 ISeeSpots Misty X Perfect Spot Jasper, Sired 2014 lambs

Perfect Spot Jasper

Jasper sired more than 50 lovely lambs for us 2007-2013.
Painted Rock Oakley

2 horn lilac. Oakley produced lambs for us in 2012 and 2013.